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Teletubbies are four Eh...Oh things that live in Teletubbyland, it's a beautiful place with green grass spread around with pretty green trees, which have big flowers and we see large brown rabbits running around. All the four teletubbies live in a dome house with a vacuum cleaner, named Noo-Noo and all they ever want is the tubby custard and the tubby toast which they could eat all the time.

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The largest of all the four tubbies is Tinky-Winky; he is a cute purple colored softie, who has a triangle antenna on his head and loves to carry his red bag which looks more like a ladies purse, in the show they even call it a "Magic bag".

Then we have Dipsy a lime green colored tubby, he is the second largest of the four and his antenna looks like a dipstick, which is rather straight that's how he gets his name Dipsy.He loves to wear a hat where ever he goes, he can sometimes be fussy and doesn't want to play along with other tubbies.

Laa-Laa is the yellow tubby, who is third in line, and she has a curly antenna and she loves to play with a big orange ball, and loves to roll and play around all the time. She even loves to talk a lot and always smiles and sings and dances, you can never be sad with Laa-Laa around cause she is always giggling and singing "la la la la la la la..."

Then we have Po, she is a chubby tubby who is red and is the smallest of all the four, as cute as she looks she also has a round antenna and loves to ride her scooter, which she calls 'cooter', She might look a little quite of all the four but is the naughty one and is very shy and like her friend Laa-Laa, she loves to sing too her song goes "po po po po po..."

Did you know that The Teletubbies series was aired on Cbeebies during 1997 -2002 and lasted for over 365 episodes, that's actually the number of days in a year right!

Did you know that Teletubbies was so successful that it won a Children's BAFTA award in the year 2002, as the best Pre-School Live action series?

Though the show is no longer on air, throughout the time it was aired on TV, the show was popular among children's and parents and even kept everyone in the household engaged until they bid farewell and disappeared into their Teletubbyland Superdome. We miss you Teletubbies!

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on March 11th, 2014
how sweet and cute they are....nonu see

on May 5th, 2014
very very good pictures my neice absolouptly loves colouring and this has many different coloruing sheets to print off. Many Thanks

on June 17th, 2014

on July 1st, 2014
these pictures are very quite to colourig

on July 23rd, 2014
i adore teletubbies, they are so cute, they make me happy :)

on August 20th, 2014
How funny photos in the page! These photos should be coloring. I have printed all the photos for my younger sister