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Tarzan colouring book pages are about the story of a little baby who grew up in the jungle, unfortunately when his parents died he was rescued by a female gorilla named Kala, Kala brings the baby to her family and raises the baby as her own. A few years later Tarzan grows up into a boy, he like to play along with the guerillas and has many friends too, he is very emotional too.

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While the years pass Tarzan grows into a fine young man has Super strength and can run at super speed ,we see him fighting tigers,rhinos,crocodiles anything to stay out of trouble, and continues to have fun with his animal friends ,he acts like a monkey picking and eating fruits walking like a gorilla he does it all.Untill one day he encounters Jane Porter and her father Professor Archimedes Porter who are fascinated by the forest and animals and at first run scared on seeing Tarzan, who looks like a man and acts like an animal. Curious to know more about them Tarzan learns many things about how humans behave from Jane and he starts to like Jane.

The story then narrates the adventures and accidents Tarzan gets into to be with his love Jane and he even ventures into the city in search of her, how they both live happily in the Jungle, after a series of fights and his encounters with humans is a big story.

Other characters in the story: Terk the Gorilla,Tantor the Elephant,Sabor,Kerchak,Tarzan's parents,Clayton,Zugor,Tublat,Nury and Sheeta,Flynt and Mungo,Kago and Uto and many other animals from the forest

Did you know Tarzan first appeared in a magazine published in 1912 as Tarzan of the Apes and then in 25 sequels?

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on June 18th, 2014
i wish i can have a body like Tarzan someday, he is so strong

on August 18th, 2014
This is Tarzan who lives in the forest. Kids are interested about Tarzan. There are many TV shows and film about Tarzan. Thanks for adding those photo in the page