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The classic story of the boy who never grew up, a nasty pirate, three kids who get babysat by a dog called Nana, and a little tiny fairy called Tinker Bell.

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The movie is based on characters written by J.M. Barrie, a Scottish writer.

Peter never grew up, and is described as still having all his baby teeth. He can fly through the power of wishing, and lives in Never Land.

In Never Land he is joined by the Lost Boys. Peter brings Wendy Darling (and her two younger brothers John and Michael) to Never Land, by following the "second star on the right, then straight on til morning".

His enemy is Captain Hook, who in the original book had a hook for a right-hand, but in the Disney movie has a hook for a left-hand. As more people are right-handed, the Disney team thought it would mean Hook could do more (like use a sword better) if he still had his right-hand.

Hook lost his hand in a fight with Peter, and a crocodile ate it! (Crocodiles are scary.)

Disney also made Return to Never Land, a movie that see Wendy is now all grown up, and Hook has taken her daughter, Jane. Peter Pan comes and helps to rescue Jane.

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