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The magic roundabout is a comedy that was introduced in France by Serge Dannnot. Initially, it was written in f5rench in 1963 but later translated to the U.K English by Erick Thompson. It consisted of 500 episodes that were aired from 1964-1971.

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Magic roundabout is comedy show that is mainly aimed for kids. With similarity to the Teli Tubbies, it is known for dry jokes. However, it was shocking to note that even adults watched the show. Mainly, it is composed of dolls that play around making fun and maneuvering around.

Main Characters

  • Dougal
  • Zebedee
  • A cow
  • Dylan
  • Flappy
  • Florence
  • Mr. Rusty
  • Ermintrude

Popular phrases

Ermintrude: "Surely, it's only a short hop for such a brave bunny!"
Dylan: "More like a long hop for a dumb rabbit."

Dylan: 'So close, yet so far out."
Zebedee: "Today, one soldier, tomorrow the world, that day after...three more soldiers."

Dylan: "Chill out guys, I have got something stashed that just might help."
Brian: "Dylan, we do not have time ti indulge in recreational activities."

Brian: "Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but names will never will. They never will"
Zebedee:" well, Dylan, come on! Bring the sticks and stones...."

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on May 16th, 2014
this film is so exciting, Dougal the dog has to save his best friend, Florence, as well as the whole world, from being frozen by an evil spring named Zeebad

on June 12th, 2014
Everyone should choose the easy ways by his own. One should not do any complex with other. Kids should always mind it