Free Little Polar Bear Colouring Pages

The Little Polar Bear TV series was based on books written by Hans de Beer, about Lars, a little cub (that's a baby polar bear) who explores his surrounds and meets new and interesting friends along the way.

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There were also several movies made about Lars:

  • The Little Polar Bear
  • Best Friends Come in All Sizes
  • Lars and the Little Tiger
  • The Dream of Flying
  • A Visitor from the South Pole
  • The Mysterious Island

Did you know all the characters in the tv series were voiced by just two people - Susan Sheridan (who voiced Lars, Lena, Peeps, Lars' mummy and other female characters) and Jimmy Hibbert (who voiced Lars' daddy and the other male characters).

Except for the family of brown bears and Peeps (the snow goose), most of the other main characters were animals who do live in snowy areas. The snow goose gets its name from its colouring and spends more time in warmer areas.

I heard that all polar bears were left-handed. Have you heard that too? Well, it's not true, they use both hands, but it'd be fun if they were left-handed and we gave them right-handed things to use like scissors or guitars (cos polar bears use those every day).

In the show, Lars is seen riding on the back of Daddy or other characters. It is good he is only a baby because male polar bears grow up to be on average 545 kilos/1201 pounds, which is super-duper heavy. The average cat weighs about 5 kilos/11pounds, so that is over 100 cats!

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on July 2nd, 2014
this polar bear is so cute, also he likes to do adventures all the time haha

on July 29th, 2014
The little polar bear is very cute. May be the bear would not get enough water. Now it needs water to drink. Thanks to the admin of the page