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About three cows (Maggie, Mrs Calloway and Grace) who must save their dairy farm (A Patch of Heaven, which is owned by a lovely old lady named Pearl), by collecting the reward money for capturing a cow rustler (someone who steals other people's cows), called Alameda Slim.

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The movie was named after a well-known country song, also called Home on the Range. This song has been used a number of times in the Looney Tunes shows and movies, with characters like Porky Pig or Bugs Bunny singing it.

While most of us will say, "there's a cow", a cow is actually only an adult female of that animal type. The adult male is usually called a bull.

The scene where Alameda Slim yodels and all the cows follow him, is like the old story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. There are many versions of the story, but a common one is that the Pied Piper played a special flute that made rats and mice follow him. Don't know about you, but I'm not fond of mice and rats - yuck!

Other key characters include Lucky Jack, Rico and the Willie brothers.

The DVD release of the movie features a short film called A Dairy Tale, where Mrs Calloway tries to retell the classic story about the Three Little Pigs, but other characters like Audrey, Buck, Jeb and Ollie, keep interrupting her.

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on June 11th, 2014
i love mrs. calloway

on August 16th, 2014
these cows look so funny haha , they are good friends

on September 8th, 2014
The photos of home on the range are so nice. My cousin likes this type of photos. I suggest to admin for coloring the pictures