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Fantastic four is the first film to be made on four super heroes; the story is about 4 scientists who gain super powers after being exposed to Cosmic Rays during a scientific mission to outer space.

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Their leader is Reed Richards a scientific genius, who is very sure about his calculations that a cloud with cosmic energy was soon going to pass near the earth, Richard proposes to his friend Dr.Victor Von Doom who is the CEO of Von Doom Industries to go on an experimental trip to outer space and Von Doom agrees to travel to outer space with the evil intention of benefiting from the experiment and joins Dr.Reed.They are accompanied by Susan Storm Chief Genetics researcher, and her brother Johnny who is an Ex-Astronaut. Well accidently, during the mission all of them are exposed to the different levels of Cosmic Energy and when they are back on earth, they all feel different and soon realized that they have developed super powers, all have different super powers though.Dr.Reed can stretch himself into unbelievable lengths, and he is Mister Fantastic who can stretch and expand in any way he wants, while Susan Storm can turn herself invisible and can control impact resistant force shields, Then we have Ben Grimm who is transformed into a rocky super strong hero with amazing strength, and the last one is Johnny Storm has the ability to set himself on fire and can fly too. And Von Doom has the power to turn himself into Organic Metal. After the space incident Von Doom is determined to avenge the Fantastic four and how he ends up losing the battle between Good and evil is the remaining story.

Did you know that Fantastic four first appeared in Comic Books and were published by Marvel Comics? And their appearance was dated way back around 1961?

The movie was released in 2005 based on the same comic stories, and without a doubt it went to be a Blockbuster and then the sequel was created as Fantastic four: Rise of Silver surfer, which also was a big grosser

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2 gud

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this cartoon is so cool, these 4 guys have amazing powers

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This is a fantastic man. Nothing is impossible to him. He make all impossible to possible