Free Donald Duck Colouring Pages

Donald Duck is the cutest character created by Walt Disney; he is a white duck who usually wears a sailor's shirt, cap and a red or black bow tie, wonder why he doesn't wear his trousers though!

47 free Donald Duck colouring pages for kids can be found below ready to print out. Click the images to go the the page where you can either print off the image or save to your computer. You have given these printable sheets 5 out of 5 with 10 voters.

Did you know Donald duck is with us since the year 1934? And is one of the greatest cartoon characters of all time.

Did you know that Donald duck has appeared in more than 178 movies till now, and he is the fifth most published comic book character after Superman, Batman Spiderman and Wolverine before him?

Donald duck is a very short tempered duck that is rarely found with a smile on his face. He is happy and quite until something comes in his way and thus spoils his day. Donald is a fighter though he gets scared initially but since he gets angry with the fear too he attempts to fight everything and anything that comes in his way, be it sharks, ghosts, kites,moutian goats anything! He cannot stand anything that bullies him or annoys him, he likes to be the best in everything and sets out to prove himself and that turns out to be a hilarious laughter riots for the audience. Everyone loves the way he says O boy! O boy! O boy! When he is very excited. Or when things don't work as he planned he says "what's the big deal" finally when he gives up he says "Aw Phooey"!

Despite being jealous of Mickey Mouse, Donald always is honest to his friends and helps them; nothing makes him happier than being with his friends and loves working as a team.

Did you know that Donald duck celebrated his 50th birthday in May 1984 by going on a world tour through Europe, Japan and parts of the United States? And had many celebrities wishing him on his birthday?

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on July 4th, 2014
Hello, I run an After School Center, I wanted to say thank-you their is a heap of useful resources on this site which the children will I am sure find a lot of fun!!

on July 10th, 2014
dear sir, Thank you kindly for those perfect pictures for kids to color. Really thank you very much for your great efforts. regards, keep in touch tarek

on July 28th, 2014
it is useful to develop our skills

on August 14th, 2014
this duck does many adventures, i like him :) he's so funny too

on September 1st, 2014
The duck is a domestic animal. It is very helpful for us. It gives egg, meat. Sometimes it is used as a pet. I like its walking. It lives on water. The kid, who has never seen the duck, should visit the page