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What would you do if you had a big red dog as your pet, probably that is 25 feet tall? Clifford the big red dog is a giant pet housed by her owner Emily Elizabeth. Originally, the Clifford story line started with the books written by Norman Birdwell of the U.S.A back in 1963. That was when Kenya got independence! Later on, TV shows started broadcasting it in terms of animated films from 2000-2003.

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To start with, Clifford was among a small litter of kittens that were being sold. Luckily for him, it was Elizabeth Emily's birthday and she chose him for her present. Ever since, Emily treated Clifford with utmost respect and care till he outgrew her to be 7'6 meters. Nevertheless, he did not disown her, but remained the once faithful pet he was.

Main Characters

  • Emily
  • Clifford
  • Norman Birdwell's wife
  • Cleo
  • T-bone

Famous Phrases

CLEO: Have I ever steered you wrong?
Clifford: No, we just met!
Clifford: We never went to Rocky Point for a long time!
CLEO: Then, let's go!

CLEO: have I ever steered you wrong.

T-bone: Right.
T-bone: Come back, you're still half dirty!
Lily over cellphone: It's just fog fog!

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