Free Disney Aristocats Colouring Pages

These Disney Aristocats colouring pages are about a classic movie which was originally released in 1970. This is the last movie that Walt Disney was approved. The last movie Walt was working on though was The Rescuers, which funnily enough was about mice.

17 free Aristocats colouring pages for kids can be found below ready to print out. Click the images to go the the page where you can either print off the image or save to your computer. You have given these printable sheets 5 out of 5 with 10 voters.

Duchess and her kittens, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz live in luxury. The names of the kittens are classic French names.

Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley, also known just as Thomas is an alley cat. Another name for a male cat is a tommiecat or tomcat.

Thomas's friend, Scat cat, is the leader of a jazz band. When singers fill in music breaks in a song or replace words with sounds and non-sense words, this is called scatting.

The hounds and the kittens meet in their adventures, Napoleon and Lafayette, are both famous political figures from the days of the French Revolution (during the late 1700s).

Did you know that in these free children's colouring pages to print, the name of Roquefort, the mouse, is actually a type of cheese, which mice love to eat.

This isn't the only movie about cats that Disney ever made.

Other key characters in these colouring pages include:

  • Edgar, a bad butler trying to take the cats' money
  • Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, the cats' owner

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on July 1st, 2014
i thought tom and jerry was the only cartoon that has cats in it

on July 6th, 2014
I think this website is the best I will always go on here

on July 12th, 2014
oh my they are so adorable i should print one!i have one cat and one dog bye for now julie and friends

on July 13th, 2014
they are such cute pictures i have seen the movie at school and it was so adorible i am 8 years old and my favourite characters are the cute little kittens, bye for now, HOLLY XOXOXO

on July 28th, 2014
They may be good friend. We know friend is forever. They are freely and open minded. I think they are good friend.

on November 23rd, 2014
I love kittens

on December 28th, 2014
me too. i have 3 cats. smudge, sprinkles and olaf

on January 30th, 2015
I watched this yesterday and found it a nice story.