Free Printable Anastasia Colouring Pages

These Disney Anastasia colouring pages for girls were originally released in 1997 in america and are the perfect printable colouring in activity. The story of the film is about Anya. An 8 year old orphan that wants to try and track down her family. In the film she meets a pair of con men who look after her because they can make money out of her. They think she looks like the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. They take advantage of her as there were rumours that the Grand Duchess survived her families execution. As the film is a musical there is loads of singing.

11 free Anastasia colouring pages for kids can be found below ready to print out. Click the images to go the the page where you can either print off the image or save to your computer. You have given these printable sheets 5 out of 5 with 10 voters.

Printable Anastasia sheets have been very popular with little girls and you can now get toys, computer games and colouring books.

If you enjoy our Disney colouring sheets with Anastasia, Dimitri, Rasputin and Bartok, please comment below.

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on May 1st, 2014
I wish I was ner

on June 4th, 2014
I've not seen this film in ages, I'm going to have to watch it again now

on July 17th, 2014
i love anastasia

on July 31st, 2014
What a lovely match of the picture! I am surprised! Really I like this. I can't ever forget this.

on August 9th, 2014
i don't know this cartoon, i want to watch but it looks like it's a little scary

on October 12th, 2014
the best

on November 1st, 2014
Pooka is a cute do, I wish I could have him

on December 16th, 2014
more colouring pages please

on December 30th, 2014
I love this film, i watch it all the time

on January 12th, 2015
You can't watch it all the time. What about school and sleeping?

on February 14th, 2015
me like these disney pictures